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Fed Up with Overated and Overpriced Kids Food

According to the buzzkills over at the Center for Science in the Public Interest, 80 percent of the food advertised on Nickelodeon is unhealthy.

A diet cereal maker is telling us to shhhhut the fat talk

According to Special K, 93 per cent of women ‘fat talk’? You know, berate themselves for having thunder thighs or pot bellies or whatever.

The Oz Effect. Sigh. Not again.

Sigh. Not again.

I just saw a Slate article that talked about Dr. Oz shilling “miracle diet supplements”. The piece talked about how far the heart surgeon and medical icon has come from his original roots. I had to write about it.

Squeeze please.

You can’t go shopping these days without noticing the latest fad in food packaging for kids – the squeeze pouch. The biggest variety of foods to come in this snazzy packaging are fruits and veggies.

Smucker's Fruit-Fulls Perfect for Back to School

School starts Monday and I’m in back to school mode. I’ve bought the school supplies and we have new shoes, but now I need to focus on school lunches and snacks. My life was made easy thanks to Smucker’s Fruit-Fulls and the sweet delivery I received courtesy of Smucker’s.

I am saying SHHHH! to the "fat talk."

Do you put yourself down? I am guilty of "fat-talk" more often that I thought. And as the mother of three young impressionable girls, I realize how vital it is to not pass this down to them.